War and guns have long had an extraordinary and terrible influence over us.  There are those who glorify them, those that subjugate through them and those who suffer by them.  McCrow’s Invaders capture this polarising behaviour and brings the subject into the 21st Century, with a little inspiration from the Seventies.
It is not about whether you like guns or dislike guns, it is about the simple fact that there are too many and 1,000 people a day are dying as a result of them.
“Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum of the gun control narrative, I think we can all agree, we should destroy the surplus and illicit stockpiles.  After all, it is the guns we sold that we pay in lives to defend ourselves” – McCrow.
Guns are a part of popular culture.  They are embedded in our arts, integral to many of our favourite games and films are in all likelihood, to remain so for many generations to come. 
McCrow Invaders support One Less Gun and their dedication to the destruction of surplus and illicit weaponry before they find their way to the Black Market.
McCrow INVADERS simply say, acknowledge the problem, enjoy the solution.
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